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I am one of the more fortunate disabled 99% (I am am a older Deaf disabled person).  I am on SSDI but because I had a reasonably good paying job for many years I make ends meet and now also have Medicare with supplemental part B and own my home outright so I am not too bad off (for now) As a group older Deaf one of the most hard hit by this inequality, however, and many older Deaf have always been marginalized as a group. Now with the ongoing and growing polarization of wealth they quite often land in the lowest of the poverty brackets. To make matters worse they are quite often at a double disadvantage as they require interpreters to even communicate with government agencies and providers and THAT cost money (supposedly provided for legally but many many time it is it is not offered as being “too expensive” for the providers and legal loop holes are found).  Under these conditions the older Deaf tend to just “disappear” from all statistical radar screens and stay within their own communities and “suffer (and die) in silence”.

Hopefully all 99% activities will be a role model for many 1% groups that do not believe in accessibility rights (either ADA or for their clients) and provide access to ALL older disabled individuals, including any special needs and interpreters/CART access for the Deaf.

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