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September 26 2017

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Gebrüder Moped
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‘Immigrants, We Get The Job Done’ Music Video Spotlights Injustice in the US and Beyond

The song and video depicts an ignored working class, living in the shadows often victims of war crimes, police brutality, labor exploitation, anti-immigrant violence and senseless death.
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Despite Censorship, a Former Chinese Soldier Brags of His War Crimes Online

On WeChat, Zhang boasted of killing a woman and raping her teenage daughter in the Sino-Vietnamese War.

Macron, Gentiloni Near Deal Giving Italy STX Control - Bloomberg

Macron, Gentiloni Near Deal Giving Italy STX Control - Bloomberg

French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni are close to an accord that would give Fincantieri SpA majority control of the French shipyard STX, ending a diplomatic dispute between the two countries.

According to Italian and French officials, the two leaders could sign the deal at a bilateral summit Wednesday in Lyon, France. The accord would give Fincantieri a little over 50 percent of the Saint-Nazaire shipyard on the Atlantic coast, said two Italian officials who could not be named because negotiations are confidential.

If the outcome is majority control for the Italians, then this spat has been a bit of a waste of time,” Marc Ostwald, global strategist at ADM Investor Services in London, said in a telephone interview. “But the rapprochement is definitely positive. Macron wants to reform the European Union, and he needs the Italians on board. Perhaps he’s also thinking that Italian investors, from inside the EU, are less worrying than, say, the Chinese.
Relations between the two nations soured in August after Macron went back on an agreement reached under his predecessor Francois Hollande that gave Fincantieri control of STX. About a month before Macron was elected, the Italian company had agreed to buy 48 percent of the shipbuilder from South Korea’s STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, with CR Trieste also holding its quota.

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Working with Cat

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Berlin Fence Memorial – Benjamin Busch

Berlin Fence Memorial – Benjamin Busch

http:// benbusch.info/ portfolio/ berlin-fence-memorial


The Berlin Fence Memorial is a provocation for critical thought, discussion, and action in public space. Its flyers have circulated since October 2015, near the 26th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It takes inspiration from the historic Berlin Wall Memorial’s official flyer, replacing images of East German refugees and the Berlin Wall with images of today’s refugees and the EU border fence in Melilla, Spain. Its text elaborates on the difficult situation refugees face entering the EU, maintaining the category “refugee” despite ethnic and cultural differences. It calls for a variety of interventions in public space, including talks with witnesses who have experienced “contemporary border-related events.” The Berlin Fence Memorial remains an open-ended gesture with potential for performative activation.

#berlin #murs #frontières

Millions of European workers in precarious employment - World Socialist Web Site

Millions of European workers in precarious employment - World Socialist Web Site

Millions of European workers in precarious employment
By Verena Nees
26 September 2017

On the 150th anniversary of Marx’s Capital, a new report reveals how European capitalism, headed by the bureaucracy of the European Union, has created a huge army of precarious workers, plunging millions into poverty.

On 12 September, the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel published an article by the research network Investigate Europe titled “Europe’s new reserve army.” The report authored by Harald Schumann and Elisa Simantke presents shocking figures.


Poverty, inequality on the rise in Spain as independence vote looms - World Socialist Web Site

Poverty, inequality on the rise in Spain as independence vote looms
By James Lerner
26 September 2017

The worsening social crisis in Spain has been virtually ignored in the run-up to the October 1 vote on Catalan independence.

Official Spanish government figures for August show a major increase in unemployment, signaling a slowdown in economic growth and pointing toward a growth in social inequality.

#pauvreté #déclassement #extrême-droite #populisme #europe #inégalités

*... Et Louis Eriksen, 76 ans, leur fait un doigt en passant sur la place !* ... ou petite…

... Et Louis Eriksen, 76 ans, leur fait un doigt en passant sur la place !

... ou petite résistance à la norvégienne.


Ga SIAN finger’n - NRK Buskerud - Lokale nyheter, TV og radio

« Je suis content de l’avoir fait. Qu’aurai-je pu faire d’autre ? Les fuir ? Ce n’est pas dans ma nature. Je n’ai rien dit, j’ai juste exprimé mon dégoût » a dit Louis Eriksen à NRK.

Louis Eriksen a 76 ans, il était au café sur le Nytorget à Kongsberg alors que le SIAN (Stop Islamisering av Norge [Contre l’islamisation de la Norvège] - http://sian.no/] - un petit groupe d’extrême-droite raciste et xénophobe) organisait une manifestation sur la place principale de Kongsberg samedi dernier.

« C’était le jour du marché paysan, et ils étaient là avec des membres qui parlaient dans le micro. Ils m’ont vraimnt gonflé », a-t-il simplement dit.

Tranquillement, il a levé son doigt. Un peu automatiquement

La photo prise par la journaliste de Lågendalsposten, Irene Mjøseng, s’est largement répandue sur les médias sociaux.

– Que pensez-vous du fait que plusieurs centaines de gens ont partagé la photo de votre geste ?

– Cela prouve que nous sommes nombreux à être révoltés par leur position. Nous protestons contre cela. Malheureusement, il y avait peu de monde, mais vraiment, je trouve super bien que tant de gens aint trouvé utile de partager l’image en signe de soutien.

#norvège #racisme #résister #résistance #xénophobie #islamophobie

*Invisible (at) night : space, time and photography in a refugee camp* ❝If our perceptions of…


Invisible (at) night: space, time and photography in a refugee camp

If our perceptions of refugees’ experiences of displacement were based on photographs produced and disseminated by the UN, NGOs and the media, we could be forgiven for assuming that refugees’ daytimes are either seemingly eternal or that night-time merely exists for sleeping. However, photographers capture the spaces and times where/when humanitarian officials, journalists and academics (typically non-refugees) have visited a given refugee context, rather than the spaces and times inhabited – day and night and everything in between -, by diverse groups of refugees and hosts.

#in/visibilité #nuit #invisibilité #visibilité #photographie #réfugiés #asile #migrations #camp_de_réfugiés
cc @albertocampiphoto

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